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Word for the World - May 5

  • 2020 May 05

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The Rabble Among Us

The rabble who were among them had greedy desires; and also the sons of Israel wept again and said, ‘Who will give us meat to eat?’” (Numbers 11:4, NASB95)

I suppose that every crowd has its share of rabble rousers!  At the bottom of it all is always the same monster:  greed.  James, in his New Testament epistle, tells us that greed is the source of conflict between believers.  We can certainly tell that it was the source of conflict between the Israelites.

Notice that the faith of the people was diminished because of the rabble among them.  When they were asking, “Who will give us meat to eat?” they clearly did not think that God would!  If the Israelites had been faith-filled, they would have been asking God for meat to eat rather than grumbling over their lack. Contrary to the spectacle of some, whining is not a spiritual gift.  How much better it would have been for the people to pray, “God, in our journey to the Promised Land, would you provide some meat on our table for our strength, sustenance and service? We acknowledge Your sovereign control over our lives and destiny, and also acknowledge Your love and purpose for this nation, and so we humbly ask for meat for our families.”

No such faith-filled prayer was offered because they simply did not have that kind of faith.  How can your faith in God grow?  Begin by learning to be content in whatever state you are in.  This contentment will overpower the greedy desire that may bring you to be designated by God with the unflattering adjective:  rabble.

In His Grace;
Dr. Randy White

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