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10 Ways to Start God's Adventure for Your Life

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  • Published Aug 22, 2018
10 Ways to Start God's Adventure for Your Life

I often speak on living out God’s adventure or dream. After the keynote I often hear,  “Thanks, it has been so long since I allowed myself to dream!” In the kick off chapter, in 7 Simple Skills for Every Woman: Success at Keeping It All together, I share 10 simple ideas to help reignite the dream in a person’s heart. Try one! 

1. Go to art museum. Study the great works of art. While you take in the beauty, pray and ask God how you can make the world a more beautiful place. 

2. Get a mentor. Ask a woman at your church to be your spiritual mentor; hire a life coach; find a dream coach; Go to SCORE, your local Chamber of Commerce, or a women’s business networking group and build relationships to discover a business mentor. 

3. Take a class. Write down 10 skills you wished you were better at or want to learn. Look to see if there are free (or low cost) classes offered at your local rec department, a church, or local school district or college. Try a few new interests. You can also take a skill you are a beginner at and enjoy and make it a goal to become a master at it.

4. Assertively network. Make it a goal to spend as much time chasing the dream as you will spend living it. Get to know people in the field you are most interested in: professionals, teachers, mentors, those who run networks, associations, and training. The broader the network, the more likely you are to discover someone who inspires, challenges, and pushes you forward toward your own goals.  

5. Expand your vision. Make a list of questions you would love God to answer (start with 100) Make it a goal to study the vastness of God. (Find books on the names of God, the names of Christ, the traits of God, etc). The bigger your view of God, the bigger your adventure can be! 

6. Gather a "dream team.” Invite friends who believe in you and the dream God has placed on your heart to be on your dream team. Share your ideas, hopes, and goals with these women and ask them to hold you accountable. There’s nothing like a little positive peer pressure to propel you forward. 

7. Fill your brain. Listen to inspiring movies, music, TED talks, sermons, etc.  Do an internet search on leaders who care about what you care about or movies made about subjects you feel passionate about. Listen to audio and video messages that will inspire and enrich your vision. Take in quality information from quality people and you can become a quality expert too. 

8. Read blogs and books in your dream field. There’s nothing like collecting a quality library of information you can go back to when you begin working your mission. Collect books, sign up for newsletters and read blogs from experts in the area your heart is drawn to. God can refine and direct your life path by watching how He has led others. As you collect information, you might see there is an undeveloped area of study or there are questions unanswered that you could pick up that baton and run with. 

9. Pray and listen to God. Then do whatever God asks: As you obey God, He will trust you with bigger assignments; more responsibilities and bigger dreams and visions to move into reality. 

10. Create something tangible. Make a dream board. Cut and paste a college of hopes, dreams, wishes, and prayers from magazines. You can also use your graphic talents and create something like this using a graphics program or use a online website. Make a dream journal and list 100 things you hope to do, be, or experience. 

Dream again! 

Pam and Bill Farrel are international speakers,  authors of 44 books including bestselling Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti, and their newest, 7 Simple Skills for Every Man and 7 Simple Skills for Every Woman. www.Love-Wise.com  

Publication date: April 7, 2016