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New Guinness Beer Ad Highlights the Worth and Dignity of Human Life

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  • 2013 Sep 10

A new advertisement for Guinness beer is making the rounds because of its shockingly different content, reports.

The one-minute commercial features a group of guy friends -- all in wheelchairs -- gathered for a competitive and adrenaline-charged game of basketball. The game is aggressive, and no one seems deterred by collisions or falling over (both of which happen during the game). It's clear after about 40 seconds of physical play that these guys are dedicated, athletic and fearless. Then, the last few seconds reveal an unexpected twist: all of the men except one rise up out of their wheelchairs and walk away together. Only one of them is actually wheelchair-bound, but that's no impediment to his team and to his friends. The commercial closes with a scene of the men enjoying Guinness at a bar after the game as a narrative voice concludes: "The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character." As Business Insider writes, "Beer commercials are generally pretty juvenile. For the most part, they depict men as unfeeling doofuses who only want to hook up with hot women and watch sports without being bothered by their wives. But a poignant new ad from Guinness flips the switch by presenting a group of athletic, beer-drinking men who are defined as much by their kindness as their physical strength." What do you think of this ad and its message on friendship, character and the dignity of every human life?