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Five Christmas Movies to Watch

  • Dr. James Emery White

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    James Emery Whiteis the founding and senior pastor of Mecklenburg Community Church in Charlotte, NC, and…

  • Updated Dec 08, 2016

This particular blog will be short and sweet.

At Christmas time you are going to watch Christmas movies, so be sure to watch the right ones. Meaning, ones that honor Christmas and talk about Jesus in the way He deserves.

So while Elf is great… as are Miracle on 34th Street, Frosty the Snowman, and my personal favorite Christmas movie, Die Hard,

... there’s no Jesus anywhere in them.

Well, the word “Jesus” comes up a lot in Die Hard, just not in the way I need my grandchildren to hear.

So here are five great movies to watch that, if you are not already aware of, will mean this blog has served its purpose:

It’s A Wonderful Life
This movie really does capture the Christian Christmas spirit and includes many spiritual and biblical references.

A Christmas Carol
And specifically the one starring George C. Scott. I feel this version is best because it is authentic to the Dickens original, which is deeply Christian.

Jesus of Nazareth
Directed by Franco Zeffirelli and released in 1977, this film has a wonderful and biblical representation of the Christmas story. While you can see this in the first 30-40 minutes of it, I recommend watching till the end.

The Homecoming
This film is what started the Waltons series, which I didn’t particularly follow, but the tele-movie was classic and very deep in its Christian background story.

A Charlie Brown Christmas
Surprisingly, this is the most blatantly Christian Christmas special ever.


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