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The Year 2021 in Review

This is the time to recap the year that was. And what a year it was.

There are a number of ways to do it, many that are interesting. You can look at a year in terms of notable deaths, viral events, political rises and falls, etc.

But how do you really get a 12-month snapshot of a culture’s zeitgeist?

I would argue for two words: Google searches.

I’m not saying that this will be what historians will mark in 10, much less 100 years… even less what is most significant. But I will say that it may be the clearest window into our current soul.

So here we go with a few peeks into our inner world in 2021, courtesy of Google itself.

Top 10 Searches:

1. NBA
2. DMX
3. Gabby Petito
4. Kyle Rittenhouse
5. Brian Laundrie
6. Mega Millions
7. AMC Stock
8. Stimulus Check
9. Georgia Senate Race
10. Squid Game

Top 10 News Story Searches:

1. Mega Millions
2. AMC Stock
3. Stimulus Checks
4. Georgia Senate Race
5. GME
6. Dogecoin
7. Hurricane Ida
8. Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict
9. Afghanistan
10. Ethereum Price

Top 10 “How to be” Searches:

1. How to be eligible for a stimulus check
2. How to be more attractive
3. How to be happy alone
4. How to be a baddie
5. How to be a good boyfriend
6. How to be a good kisser
7. How to be a flight attendant
8. How to be happy with yourself
9. How to be mindful
10. How to be romantic

And finally, the Top 10 People Searches: 

1. Kyle Rittenhouse
2. Tiger Woods
3. Alec Baldwin
4. Travis Scott
5. Simone Biles
6. Derek Chauvin
7. Morgan Wallen
8. Henry Ruggs III
9. Pete Davidson
10. Shailene Woodley

Welcome to our world.

James Emery White


See the “Year in Search 2021” for the United States, Google, read online

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