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9-Year-Old Boy Empties His Savings, Donates it to Homeless Shelter

  • Kayla Koslosky

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  • 2019 Jan 04

A nine-year-old- boy emptied his savings account this week and donated around $300 worth of goods to a local homeless shelter.

CBN News reports that Nathan Simons of Rock Island, Illinois decided to donate almost all of the money in his savings account after watching YouTubers donate large sums of money to various charities.

Initially, Simons’ father Ethan was hesitant to allow his son to empty his savings account, but after thinking it over, Ethan decided to not only allow his son to do it, but to also match his son’s donation dollar for dollar.

Simons told WQAD 8 News that he would be donating all of the goods to a local homeless shelter called Christian Care. 

He said, “It feels good, I wish I could have it myself, but I have to think about other people sometimes."

According to CBN News, Simons and his father called Christian Care to ask them what sort of supplies they needed at the shelter. 

Once their list was written out, the pair headed out to their local supermarket where they bought shoes, barbeque sauce and some refreshments for a New Year’s celebration, among other things. 

"It makes me feel happy and proud of myself," Simons told WQAD 8, "It's just hard to give it away sometimes. But I'm thinking about other people."

Once all of the supplies were purchased Simons and his dad headed over of Christian Care where they were greeted by grateful smiles. 

"You know you're doing an awesome thing, right? You're helping a lot of people," Christian Care Development Coordinator Cindi Gramenz told the nine-year-old.

"At nine years old, to be feeling that kind of compassion for the work we do and for what's going on in his community is pretty amazing," she added.

Simons told WQAD 8 that he looks forward to either donating supplies again or volunteering at a shelter.

Photo courtesy: Pixabay