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Amateur Photographer Captures Image of Jesus Shining through the Clouds

  • Kayla Koslosky

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  • 2019 May 20

A photo posted to social media went viral last week because of its divine subject.

According to Fox News, Mónica Aramayo of San Salvador de Jejuy, Argentina, reportedly took a photo on her I-Phone of the sun shining through the clouds to form the image of Jesus Christ.

According to the outlet, Aramayo decided to post the image online because she wanted to share the rare moment with her followers.

The Florida Post reports that soon after Aramayo posted the photo it went viral.

Some people quickly drew comparisons of the clouded figure to the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil, only 3,000 miles from the cloud sighting. Others criticized the photo, claiming that it was photoshopped.

On a tweet of the photo by the Florida Post, several people also questioned if it was simply an optical illusion.

One Twitter user who describes herself as a Christian and an old school hippie, commented, “I believe it is a cloud reflection of the statue in Argentina. It looks exactly like that. And we don't know really what Jesus looked like. This is not a miracle, but a mirage.”

While no one but the photographer knows if the photo is authentic or not, you have to admit, mirage or miracle, it’s still pretty breathtaking.

This is not the first time that Christians have believed to see Jesus in nature. 

According to Fox News, in March, Alfredo Lo Brutto took a similar photo of Jesus in the clouds in Italy. In April, a Virginia woman named Shae House claimed that she saw Jesus in a rock formation in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Photo courtesy: Pexels