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American Bible Society Names Most Godless Cities in America

  • Carrie Dedrick Religious persecution, missions, Christianity around the world
  • 2015 Jan 22

The American Bible society released its list most and least godless cities for 2015, based upon how often residents read the Bible. TIME reports that the most godless cities were mostly clustered in the northeast, which denotes no change from last year. 

Providence, R.I. was named most godless, keeping its title from 2014. Behind Providence was, New Bedford, Mass., Albany, N.Y., Boston, Mass., San Francisco, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Las Vegas. 

The top 10 most Bible-minded cities all fell in America’s Bible belt, with Chattanooga, Tenn. taking the lead. 

Research was gathered from phone and online surveys in which participants answered the question, “How many times do you read the Bible outside of church or a synagogue?” Responders were also asked if they believed the Bible was accurate.

According to TIME, the study determined that 27 percent of American’s are Bible-minded.  

Publication date: January 22, 2015