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Anne Graham Lotz: God Allows Terrorism because We Don't Turn to Him until We're Desperate

  • Amanda Casanova

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  • 2015 Jun 17

Anne Graham Lotz, Billy Graham’s daughter, said God allows terrorists to attack and storms to destroy cities in America because Americans do not seek God until they are desperate.

"In the days of Noah, they were eating, drinking, getting married. There is nothing wrong with any of that. All of those are normal everyday activities. But in Noah's day they did it all apart from God," Lotz said. "There was no acknowledgment of God. God was irrelevant to them… I think that is where we are today."

Lotz, 67, was speaking with Jan Markell on the “Understanding End Times” radio show. Previously, Lotz has said that the rapture will happen during her lifetime and that God’s judgment will soon come to America, The Christian Post reports.

"I look at some of the things that we get preoccupied with, whether it's an entertainer or whose baby they are having, or on the red carpet, or footballs being deflated by a quarterback. We zero in on those things and talk about them and we have no idea that we are on the edge of the whole world collapsing around us," Lotz said.

"That is why God sends us wake-up calls. That's why he allows the terrorists to strike or a tornado to rip through our city, because for whatever reason, we don't seem to give Him our attention until we are desperate," Lotz said. "If we don't give Him our attention, then He is going to allow things to happen to make us more and more desperate until we do cry out."

Lotz said God has a “point of no return” where he will not listen to pleas for help. Lotz said that tipping point could be reached if the U.S. Supreme Court rules in favor of gay marriage, if America “abandons” Israel, and if abortion rises.

Publication date: June 17, 2015