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Baby is Born Twice, Once for Surgery, Once at Full Gestation

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  • 2016 Oct 25

A baby with a dangerous tumor was taken out of her mother’s womb early to undergo surgery, was placed back in the womb, and was then born 12 weeks later at full gestation.

According to a video released by CNN, some doctors advised Margaret Boemer to abort her baby because the tumor was so large and was causing the baby’s heartbeat fo fail. Boemer chose to keep the baby and surgeons at Texas Children’s Fetal Center attempted a procedure which involved taking the baby out of the womb at 23 weeks to remove the tumor.

After removing the tumor--which was nearly as large as the baby--doctors put the baby back in her mother’s womb and stitched up Boemer’s uterus.

Little Lynlee Boemer was born via C-section 12 weeks later at full gestation. Doctors performed another surgery to remove the rest of the tumor. Lynlee was then able to go home with her family.

Christian blogger and professor Denny Burk draws attention to the implications this incredible story has for the abortion debate.

“LynLee’s case raises an interesting question. Could she have been aborted after being returned to her mother’s womb?” he asks.

Abortion advocates often argue that personhood does not begin until a certain week’s gestation or even until the baby is born, but Lynlee’s case breaks down those arguments.

“If LynLee’s life is precious and worthy of protection at 23 weeks, then every other unborn child’s life is precious and worthy of protection as well,” concludes Burk.

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Publication date: October 25, 2016