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Christian Singer Blanca Opens Up about Writing New Album Following Her Mother’s Passing

  • Kayla Koslosky

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  • 2018 Sep 14

On Friday, Christian Pop artist Blanca released her vulnerable sophomore album titled Shattered.  Blanca began the writing process for this album shortly after her mom, whom she describes as her best friend, passed away from cancer.

In an interview with The Christian Post Blanca said, "I just walked through a very difficult time, I lost my mom to cancer and it was right at the beginning of this process to write for a record.” The Word Entertainment's singer shared, "I walked into some of these writing sessions feeling completely shattered and empty and broken.” She continued, "I didn't know what to give but I knew that that's exactly where I needed to write from."

Blanca noted that the fans will hear her "honest heart through the songs" on this album.

When asked why it was important to be transparent, Blanca responded saying, "The only way that you can fully be whole, the only way that you can truly connect with God is by allowing Him to have all of you."

The resident New Yorker explained that this was difficult for her, admitting that she doesn't like to deal with pain or conflict, but she also knew she had to face this tragedy head-on.

Blanca told the outlet, "It's so crucial as Christians, to be honest, and real with who you are and where you're at because that's the only place that you can fully find healing and restoration, and God can work on your heart when you're able to give all to Him.”

Blanca has three No. 1 Christian hits and her new album Shattered is following her critically acclaimed self-titled debut album from 2015. Her single "Real Love," from the new album, hit No. 1 on the charts and has had 25.7 million streams and over 16.2 million views on YouTube.

Blanca is now getting ready to go on a U.S. tour with friend and colleague Mandisa on "Mandisa's Girls Night Live Tour." Also on the tour will be Jasmine Murray and Candace Payne popularly known as "Chewbacca Mom."

Photo courtesy: Getty Images/Moses Robinson/Stringer