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California Democrats Pushing for Easier Birth Control Access

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  • 2012 Jun 11
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The California Assembly has approved a measure that would allow registered nurses, nurse midwives and nurse practitioners to give women birth control pills, reports. Under the existing law, the Nursing Practice Act, a registered nurse is authorized to dispense drugs or devices upon an order by a licensed physician and surgeon if the nurse is functioning within a specified clinic, but with this bill, patients would no longer have to make a doctor's appointment to get hormonal contraceptives, says Dana Cody of the Life Legal Defense Foundation. "This is 'business as usual,'" said Cody. "Nobody cares about women. It's a carcinogenic under the World Health Organization guidelines, so let's hand it out for free." Democratic assemblywoman Holly Mitchell, who sponsored the bill, said she did so to give women more access to birth control. It passed the Assembly with a vote of 42-26 -- with Democrats favoring the measure -- and now heads to the state Senate.