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Christian Missionary Recounts Ordeal of Being Imprisoned with Brutal ISIS Militants

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  • 2017 Jul 19

A Czech national who was captured and imprisoned with brutal ISIS militants recently shared the story of his harrowing ordeal and how God gave Him strength and renewed his purpose.

CBN News reports that Petr Jasek grew up in Czechoslovakia under Communist rule. As a child, his parents were persecuted for their faith. As an adult, Petr followed God’s call to serve with Voice of the Martyrs in Sudan.

While there, Petr was arrested and charged with being a spy. He was given a 20-year prison sentence and imprisoned with ISIS extremists.

"One of the ISIS members was a Libyan guy who at the age of 12 was a personal guard for Osama Bin Laden in Tora Bora and later on when he returned to Libya he was one of the murderers who slaughtered the 20 Egyptians on the Libyan shore," Petr shared.

"He took out a fishing string, quite a strong fishing string from his pocket and he was showing how he could kill a person within a few seconds with this fishing string. He told me if I was an American or Russian that he would break my neck immediately and kill me."

Petr was subjected to beatings and name-calling from the extremists, but God gave him the strength to stand by his faith.

After a few months of being imprisoned, Petr began to realize that God still had a plan and was making good come out of this horrific situation.

He ended up leading some fellow prisoners to Christ. “And I suddenly started to realize that there is a purpose, the Lord has a purpose for me to be in prison to share the Gospel with those people," Petr explained.

After 14 months of being in prison, Petr was released. He credits the Czech government for negotiating his release, and also expressed gratitude to the many believers who prayed for him.

"When you come through this situation you realize that everything you have is the grace of God and it is on His strength that it is in prison, it is not your own strength that you can survive. Being humble and being faithful to the last moment, this is the moment when we can be more than conquerors when we go through difficult situations because of our faith in Jesus Christ," Petr said.


Publication date: July 19, 2017