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Christian Preschool Shuts Down, Fearing Enforcement of Transgender Bathroom Policies

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  • Updated Mar 10, 2017

A state-funded Christian preschool in Florida will be closing its doors after this school year due to the threat of possibly being forced to implement the transgender bathroom policy. reports that officials at Gateway Christian preschool in Pensacola, Florida fear being forced to implement the transgender bathroom policy--something for which they feel they are not equipped.

The preschool was established by Gateway Church of Christ in the 1970s and is still associated with the church. Church officials also are apprehensive about what might happen to their congregation if the school encountered problems.

The preschool’s Director Barbara Deem explains the decision: “This was a decision of the leadership in effort to protect the congregation as a whole against any potential threat.”

The Christian Post explains why the school receives state funding:

“In the state of Florida, 4-year-olds who qualify can receive state funding to offset the costs of pre-kindergarten classes that prepare them for kindergarten through the state's VPK program. Gateway Christian Preschool has been an active participant since the program's inception in 2005.” 

Although the Trump administration has rescinded the transgender bathroom directive put in place by the Obama administration, preschool officials remain apprehensive about the implications of the policy.

A statement from the White House clarified the current policy regarding this issue: “As President Trump has clearly stated, he believes policy regarding transgender bathrooms should be decided at the state level.” 

About 90 students between the ages of one and three attend Gateway Christian Preschool.


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Publication date: March 10, 2017