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Focus on the Family's "Irreplaceable" Film Facing Censorship, Resistance

  • Carrie Dedrick Religious persecution, missions, Christianity around the world
  • Updated Apr 11, 2014

Focus on the Family’s one-day movie event “Irreplaceable” has gained wide public attention recently, though most of the publicity seems to be negative. “Irreplaceable” is a documentary-style film exploring families in modern culture set to be released in select theaters May 6.

The controversy comes into play due to the questions the film presents, especially, “What happened to the belief in traditional family?” Jim Daly writes. Modern society has gone away from the customary idea of a man marrying a woman, having children, and acting as one unit for life.

Since the trailers for “Irreplaceable” started to air in December, Focus on the Family has faced heat from critics who have not yet seen the film, but have made judgements about the group’s belief in biblical marriage.

Critics have made attacks Focus on the Family and started a petition to cancel screenings of the film. The Introduction of the petition says, “The trailer for the film is now showing before previews at mainstream movies and makes it appear as though it is an innocent documentary about family and marriage but further investigation reveals that it is actually anti-LGBT propaganda.” The petition has 622 signatures to date.

One theater in Ohio has already decided not to show the film to heed the complaints of patrons and avoid controversy.


Publication date: April 10, 2014