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Former Lesbian Jackie Hill-Perry Shares How the Holy Spirit Took Ahold of Her Heart

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  • 2017 Jul 28

Former lesbian Jackie Hill-Perry recently shared her incredible story of finding God and breaking free of her life of homosexuality.

In a video shared by Charisma News, Hill-Perry shares that she grew up going to church with her aunt and she knew what Christians were supposed to do and not do, but faith didn’t become real to her till later in life. She also grew up in a broken family and often felt abandoned by her father who wasn’t around a lot and her mother who worked hard to provide for the family.

“I think middle school and high school was me chasing after love from people. I wanted people to tell me that I’m something, that I’m significant, that I’m somebody. And women I think became one of the main sources of that for me,” she shared. 

Things really came to a head when her father passed away. She hadn’t had a good relationship with him and she says she felt despair when she realized she would never be able to have a good relationship with him. She also got arrested and her relationship with her mother deteriorated as well.

“The things I knew about Scripture, it seemed like they just would not get out of my head. It was just like God is everywhere.”

She at first resisted the Holy Spirit’s conviction, but through God’s working and the guidance of a Christian cousin, she ultimately surrendered her life to Christ.

To hear Hill-Perry tell her story, see below.

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Publication date: July 28, 2017