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Gov. Perry Signs Sweeping Abortion Restrictions in Texas

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  • 2013 Jul 18

Texas Gov. Rick Perry signed sweeping new abortion restrictions on Thursday that could shutter most of the clinics in the state, Fox News reports. More than 100 Republican lawmakers attended the signing ceremony, along with a small band of protesters dressed in black and holding a sign that read "Shame." The legislation had sparked weeks of protests at the state Capitol. The new law bans abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy, dictates when abortion-inducing drugs can be taken, and also requires abortion clinic doctors to have hospital admitting privileges and restricts abortions to surgical centers. Only five of Texas' 42 abortion clinics currently meet the new requirements. The law will take effect in October, and clinics will have a year to upgrade their facilities or shut down. Perry said the new law "builds upon our commitment to protecting life in the state of Texas." He and other top Republican politicians in the state made passing the law a top priority to please supporters before the primary election in March. They failed to pass the bill last month on the last day of a special legislative session because of a Democratic state senator's lengthy filibuster and a raucous crowd, but they were successful last week after Perry called a second special session for that reason.