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Hailey Bieber Called 'Fake Christian' after Asking for Halloween Costume Suggestions

  • Kayla Koslosky

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  • 2019 Oct 10

Hailey Bieber, model and wife to popstar Justin Bieber, is facing criticism this week after asking her followers for Halloween costume suggestions.

According to Intouch Weekly, the 22-year-old model – who is outspoken about her Christian faith – took to her Instagram story on Wednesday to ask her 22.7 million followers what she should dress up as for Halloween. She wrote, “Spooky szn is upon us and I need good ideas for Halloween!! Send some my way.” 

Bieber also shared photos of some of her previous Halloween costumes including Workout Barbie and Sandy from Grease.

The seemingly innocent request sparked backlash from some of her followers causing a handful to even question her Christian faith.

One person – who was seemingly confused by Bieber’s participation in the highly controversial holiday for people of faith – responded to her story asking, “Aren’t u a Christian?”

Bieber issued a simple response saying, “Yes, I still dress up for Halloween.”

Another person went as far as to accuse Bieber of being a “FAKE CHRISTIAN.”

Bieber wrote back saying, “Our kids are gonna celebrate too :).”

Others have come to her defense including Light Workers writer Kenneth Reid.

In an article on, Reid defended Bieber by breaking down why he believes Christians should celebrate Halloween. He wrote, “I once heard a preacher say that as Christians, we interact with the world in one of three ways. We can either receive, reject or redeem the things of this world.

“As it pertains to Halloween, to ‘receive’ it means to embrace and celebrate it as is, to ‘reject’ it means to not participate at all and to ‘redeem’ it means to approach it with a uniquely Christian perspective.”

Reid argued that while he never participated in Halloween as a child, he has chosen to allow his own kids to participate so that they can redeem the holiday by marking it as “an innocent, fun and tasty way to spend time with their families.”

Bieber has not made any additional comments on the situation.

Photo courtesy: Getty Images/Imitrios Kambouris/Staff