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Hapless Conditions for Christians and Jews in Afghanistan

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  • 2011 Sep 01

Christians and Jews from many nations, irrespective of their denomination, are seen as infidels by al-Qaeda and its allied insurgent bodies, including all groups of Taliban. ASSIST News Service learned through the firsthand accounts of some of the victims after visiting Afghanistan that Christians and Jews residing in Afghanistan are viewed as agents of U.S. government agencies, particularly FBI or CIA, and therefore are tortured and interrogated in an inhumane manner, and finally slaughtered. ANS also learned that another method of torture adapted by al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan is to compel trussed-up helpless Christians and Jews to sit on an iron chair while three or four candles burning beneath the chair roast their flesh. This is carried out to force them to confess crimes they haven’t committed and disclose, under duress, that they were agents of the FBI or CIA. A Christian in Afghanistan told ANS, on condition of anonymity, that in some cases allegations of suicide bombings and other untoward incidents were also leveled against Christians or Jews, and they were thrown into prison on suspicion of their involvement.