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'It's Time to Get in Touch with God': Steve Harvey Brought to Tears after Gospel Singer Prophesied over Him

  • Amanda Casanova

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  • 2019 May 31

A gospel singer who visited the variety TV show “Steve” brought host Steve Harvey to tears as she sang a prophecy over him.

According to CBN News, Duranice Pace was visiting the show to tell her story of how God healed her vocal cords. Pace was abused as a child and given rat poison that damaged her voice.

"I believe the Lord gave me a touch when they fed me rat poison in Rochester, New York, and they had to cut out half of my vocal cords. And they said I would never talk again, but the man upstairs said, 'You gonna sing again'," Pace said.

She was also diagnosed with thyroid cancer and told she had three years to live.

"March 28 made that 11 years ago," Pace said.

"I didn't know if I was going to be alive but God done kept me alive to see you, sir," she told Harvey.

She sang: "This is Steve Harvey, he's a good man. He loves the Lord and he'll give you a helping hand. God's going to bless Steve Harvey," she sang. "Keep on, keep on, you helped me to live, sir, keep on … you special."

Harvey shared on the show that he hoped his late mother was watching the moment. His mother was a devout Christian and died in 1997.

"The only reason I straightened up and started doing right was 'cause I just wanna see her. Other than that, I'd still be going to Hell like I was," Harvey said.

He told Pace that she had touched him.

"You think I'm helping you, but you really helping me. I thank you because this was for me," Harvey said.

On Friday, Harvey tweeted: “God really wants to help us, but he requires that we have a relationship with him. If you're out here trying to make it without God, you are making life harder than it needs to be. There is a higher power, there is a God. It's time to get in touch with God.”

Photo courtesy: Getty Images/Frazer Harrison/Staff