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Joel Osteen, Church Sued by Band for $3M

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  • 2011 Aug 31

According to The Christian Post, Joel and Victoria Osteen of Lakewood Church in Houston have been sued for copyright infringement by New York band The American Dollar. Bandmates Richard Cupolo and John Emanuele - and their label Yesh Music - allege the Osteens used the song, “Signaling Through the Flames,” in commercials for their DVD Supernatural without permission. The duo did sign an agreement that allowed use of their song by Lakewood but say the agreement was only for one year and expired back in February. "They don't want to be tied to a global televangelist for the rest of their careers, and a controversial one at that," lawyer Jarrett Ellzey explained. The songwriters say they are asking for $3 million in damages because the 58-second clip of their instrumental “contributed to the success of the Defendant’s DVD and their marketing campaigns for other products, and substantially increased revenues and profits” for the Osteens and Lakewood. Lakewood's stance is that Cupolo and Emanuele are “apparently confused about the scope of the license,” spokesman Don Ilof said.