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"Keep NYC Trash Free," Signs in New York City Say about Socially Conservative Trump Supporters

  • Kayla Koslosky

    Kayla Koslosky has been the Editor of since 2018. She has B.A. degrees in English and History and previously wrote for and was the managing editor of the Yellow Jacket …

  • 2018 Oct 30

Signs claiming to be from the New York City sanitation department are calling Trump supporters and socially-conservative Christians “trash.”

Last week, posters appeared all over the Big Apple sporting the message, “Keep NYC Trash Free” with portraits of men and women wearing “Make America Great Again” hats, and holding Chick-Fil-A cups and Bibles. The posters have been placed on trashcans across the city and have the New York City Sanitation Department logo on them, The Blaze reports.

One specific poster shows a bearded man with a confederate flag heart tattoo on his arm who is wearing a MAGA hat and holding a Chick-Fil-A drinking cup. The man’s face is x-ed out and above his crossed out face reads the words, “Keep NYC Trash Free.” 

Another poster shows a woman who, like the bearded man in the first poster, is wearing a MAGA hat but this time instead of carrying a Chick-Fil-A cup, she is carrying a bible in her arm. The woman’s face is also crossed through and the. Poster is adorned with the same phrase calling for NYC to stay ‘trash’ free.

MassLive reports that a third poster also surfaced, but with a message aimed at the New York Yankees’ rival the Boston Red Sox. The poster follows the same formula as the first two only instead of a MAGA hat the man in the poster is wearing a Red Socks hat. According to MassLive, the posters are believed to have been put up on Wednesday.​​

When the NYC Sanitations Department got wind of these posters boasting their logo they made a public statement denying that thee politically charged graphics came from them. In a statement to PIX 11 the department said, “These posters were not created or issued by the Department of Sanitation, and we do not condone unlawful defacement of City litter baskets or public property.”

They continued, “We are looking into this matter.”

PIX noted that they do not know who is responsible for creating the posters, but they have removed several of them so far.

Some people have noticed the posters’ uncanny resemblance to Winston Tseng “Your Train Is Delayed” parody poster that was postered in New York City subway stations.

When asked if he had any involvement with the posters Tseng told The Gothamist  that he would “let the poster speak for itself," but he was not involved in their creation.  

He said, “For the record, I didn’t create or put up these posters. But if I did, I wouldn’t want people to take them so seriously, since they’re meant to reflect certain parts of our society and not meant to generalize beyond those.”

He continued, “I’d just want the intended audience of my fellow ‘classist elitist New Yorkers’ to hopefully be entertained by the ‘unhelpful, tone-deaf message’ as they go about their day in this trash filled liberal bubble.”

Photo courtesy: Paulo Silva/Unsplash