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Kenya: Thousands Accept Christ during 10-Day Revival

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  • Updated Sep 26, 2016

Thousands came to Christ in Kenya after hundreds of missionaries came together to pray for revival and to preach the gospel.

Charisma News reports that 640 missionaries traveled to the village of Kakamega, Kenya to pray that peoples’ lives would be changed by the gospel. Their goal was to show God’s love in everyday life.

They visited prisons, provided treatment for those who were sick, and preached the gospel to anyone who would listen.

Tens of thousands of people reportedly heard their message and 6,944 people gave their lives to Christ after hearing the good news.

People young and old clung to the hope in Christ about which the missionaries told them.

Joel, a young boy who lived on the streets, gave his life to Christ after hearing the missionaries’ message.

"I feel I have hope after being preached to," he said.

Another convert, Martha, was reconciled to her husband after hearing the gospel. Her husband had cheated on her and she was furious, but the missionaries helped her to calm down and reached out to her in kindness and shared the message of Christ.

Both Martha and her husband ended up accepting Jesus. The couple prayed for God to restore their marriage.

Many others had similar stories of how their lives were changed after hearing the gospel preached.


Publication date: September 26, 2016