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Lysa Terkeurst Shares a Lesson of Redemptive Love, Renews Wedding Vows Despite Her Husband's Past Affair

  • Kayla Koslosky

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  • 2018 Dec 28

One year after announcing their separation, Christian author Lysa Terkeurst shared a touching video on Instagram of her vow renewal to her husband Art.

According to the Christian Post, Terkeurst and her husband announced last year that they would be taking some time apart in their 25-year marriage due to “ongoing infidelity.” Through the grace of God, however, the pair was able to save their marriage and on the 26 of December, they recommitted themselves to each other.

In the video posted to Instagram, the pair is seen reading personalized vowed to each other at the altar. Art said, “The way that you have loved me with grace and forgiveness gives me an undeniable understanding and perspective of how much God loves me.” He continued, “and what He did for me on the cross, you have lived out in my life. You never gave up, you disarmed all of the dark with your grace and with your forgiveness.”

The 49-year old author responded to her husband through tears. She said, “You, Art, are the great love of my life. I’ve never known love like this apart from you and I never want to know this love without you.” She continued, “‘Together’ is my favorite word for us, and what a together we have."

Later, in another Instagram post, the author decided to share some thoughts on why she stayed and fought for her marriage. She wrote, “Many people have asked why I stayed and fought for my marriage. The answer to that is as complicated and intricate as trying to understand what makes a massive ocean pull back and stop at the shore. Apart from God, who can ever truly understand a thing like that?”

She continued equating the process of forgiveness to the forcible evacuation of shoreline residents during a hurricane. She said, “There was a season that it wasn’t reasonable or responsible to stay. Just like when the ocean doesn’t respect the boundary of the shoreline and hurricane conditions force evacuations.” She continued, “There were long stretches of silence, separation, and seeking wise counsel. But then the shoreline became safe again. And I had a choice. I was offered a second chance at moments like this one, she added.”

“Forgiveness is a process. Healing is a long journey. And I’ll never ever criticize another person for choices they made that were different than mine when placed in the same horror and heartbreak as me. Or maybe they had no choice at all. I have nothing but tender love and understanding. It’s a brutal walk”
“So why did I stay?” she asked.
“I was given that chance. I love Art. And I’ve discovered imperfect love is still full of sacred possibilities, redemptive strength, it’s (sic) own kind of purity, and moments like the one pictured here.”

Photo courtesy: Getty Images/Terry Wyatt/Stringer