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Mom Finds Out Her Adopted Son and Foster Daughter Are Biological Siblings

  • Kayla Koslosky

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  • Updated Jan 30, 2019

Only days after adopting her son, a Colorado single mother was asked to take in a second child, and what she learned next can only be described as a miracle. 

Divorcee Katie Page from Parker Colorado always knew she wanted to be a mother, but after her marriage ended the dream became increasingly out of sight. 

Knowing she wanted to realize this dream, Page became a foster mom to four children and later she decided to adopt Grayson, CBN News reports.

Page told Good Morning America, “The minute I saw him in the hospital, I fell in love. He's so calm and sweet. He has the biggest challenges of all the kids."

Page finalized Grayson’s adoption in May of 2017 and a month later, she received a phone call asking her if she would foster a newborn baby girl who, like Grayson, had been abandoned by her biological mother. 

In an interview with GMA, Page said she didn’t know why but she felt like God was calling her to say yes to taking the baby girl. Page said, “Something about this is telling me I’m supposed to say yes to this.” 

“I’m telling you God is telling me to say yes, and I do not know why,” she added.

Page welcomed newborn baby Hannah into her home in December 2018 and hours later she realized that Grayson’s mother’s unique first name was the same as the mother’s first name on Hannah’s hospital bracelets. Page reached out to her social worker to see if there was any connection between the children and a week later the social worker confirmed that Grayson and Hannah were, in fact, biological siblings. 

GMA reports that Page later had DNA testing done on the kids to further confirm. 

The now mother of two told GMA, “I was happy just to give Grayson a life, and I thought that that was big, but I didn’t feel like that was enough.” 

She added, “So to give him his sister, I couldn’t imagine anything better.”

Recently, Page found out that her kids, now one and two-years-old, have another sibling, a 5-month-old baby brother. 

Page told GMA she is hoping to adopt him as well sometime this year.

The single mother who previously was unsure if she believed in miracles now says she has no doubt that they do exist. 

She told GMA, “People ask me all the time, ‘How do you do it?’ I never thought I’d have three babies, but God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.”

Photo courtesy: Kevin Gent/Unsplash

Video courtesy: Good Morning America