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New Evangelical 'Creationist' School Set to Open in England

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  • 2011 Aug 19

The Christian Post reports that a new school has been given approval to open in Nottinghamshire, England that will espouse a six-day creation of the earth by God. Evolution will be presented alongside as a theory. The school is part of Everyday Champions Church, an evangelical congregation based in Newark. Their application for approval was accepted by the British Department for Education. Education Secretary Michael Gove had promised that creationism would not be taught in free schools, and, according to the department, Gove remains "crystal clear that teaching creationism is at odds with scientific fact." In January, however, Gove said he would consider applications from creationist groups on a case-by-case basis. Pastor Gareth Morgan of ECC said, “Creationism will be embodied as a belief at the Everyday Champions Academy but will not be taught in the sciences. Similarly, evolution will be taught as a theory.”