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N.H. Gay Marriage Repeal Bill Defeated

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  • 2012 Mar 26

March 26, 2012

A bill that would have reversed New Hampshire's gay marriage law failed to pass in the state House of Representatives -- a surprising outcome for the Republican-controlled body that just weeks ago was expected to pass it, Baptist Press reports. New Hampshire would have become the first state to pass such a bill, but it was defeated March 21 by a 211-116 vote. The Senate had yet to consider it. "Ultimately, it will be our children that will pay the price for failing to pass HB 437," said New Hampshire-based Cornerstone Policy Research, which supported the bill. "For instance, genderless marriage ends the biological link between parents and children. In the future, parenting will just become a contract between two people; the gender roles of a mom and a dad will be irrelevant." The bill had stated: "A child has a natural human right to the love, care and support of his or her own mother and father, whenever possible. Marriage is the primary social institution that promotes that ideal and encourages its achievement."