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'New' Ten Commandments Rewritten by Popular Pastor Draw Criticism

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  • 2012 Mar 13

March 13, 2012

A DVD teaching series by a popular British pastor featuring a "revamped and modern" re-wording of the Ten Commandments is reportedly being used by 600 churches around the world, but some have expressed concern about it, arguing that "tampering" with Scripture takes away from God's word, the Christian Post reports. The "Just10 for Churches" series by Canon J.John changes, for example, "You shall not steal" to "Prosper with a clear conscience" and "You shall not commit adultery" to "Affair-proof your marriage." As for "You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God," J.John rewrites it as "Take God seriously." The series has been praised by religious leaders worldwide, and pastors using it in their churches say it has helped people see the Commandments in a "new and fresh way," but many others insist the "modern" take on the Commandments is detracting from God's word. "I have shared the Gospel with [many] people on the streets of the UK using the Ten Commandments and never once [had] to simplify them," said Nigel Williams, one of J.John's Facebook followers. The Bible is clear about "taking away from or adding to God's word," Williams added. "Why do you need to do [so] now (reinvent the wheel, so to speak), when God's word is as relevant now as it has always been through history?"