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Ohio Church Blesses Community by Paying for Gas of over 100 Families

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  • 2018 May 17

An Ohio megachurch gave back to the community to celebrate its tenth anniversary. The Christian Post reports that the Victory Christian Center in Liberty Township, Ohio paid for the gas for the first 100 cars that came to the local BP gas station that day.

The church, which has eight campuses spread across Ohio and Pennsylvania, spent over $3,200 in gas for the 100 plus customers who came to fill up their vehicles. Lock P. Beachum Jr., the pastor of Victory Christian Center, along with local law enforcement and church volunteers, spent time blessing people at the BP station.

Beachum shared with The Christian Post that, in all, the church ended up helping 112 customers. “I actually heard about a couple of people who cried,” he said. “They were just so blown away of this act of kindness. Our church is in a distressed area, so [for] a number of folk just being in the situation of life that they are in, that [meant a lot]. It equated to 30 dollars."

Beachum went on to share how the church’s act of kindness inspired others:

“One of the folk that got the free gas, they said, 'Thank you for the incredible blessing. I feel so blessed that I want to give some money to the ministry,'" Beachum said. "We took that money that they gave us to the ministry and we put it towards more gas. So we ended up servicing 112 cars rather than 100 cars that was planned."

Victory Christian Center is surely a blessing to their community, in meeting both the spiritual as well as practical needs of people they serve.


Photo courtesy: ©Thinkstock/Noel Hendrickson

Publication date: May 17, 2018