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Pakistan: Young Christian Woman Killed During Attempted Rape

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  • 2011 Dec 09

December 9, 2011

A 28-year-old Muslim man, Arif Gujjar, is in police custody for questioning for the murder of an 18-year-old Christian woman, Amariah Masih, who was shot to death during an attempted rape Nov. 27, ASSIST News Service reports. Masih and her mother were traveling to collect water when Gujjar took possession of their motorbike, grabbed Masih at gunpoint and tried to drag her away. When she resisted, Gujjar shot her instantly, then tried to hide her body. The police found him shortly thereafter, and Masih's father thanked them for "working hard" to arrest the culprit. A Muslim delegation met with Masih's family after her funeral to express solidarity and peace, but Masih's father stated that he "would fight to get [justice]" because they were "the victim of a cruel act."