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Pakistani Christian Couple Who were Burned in Kiln Remembered on Anniversary of Death

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  • 2015 Nov 06

On the anniversary of the murders of a Pakistani Christian couple, the humanitarian organization which cares for the couple’s children, is speaking out for justice.

Christian Today reports that Shama and Shahzah Masih were accused of blasphemy against Islam and beaten by an angry mob. The couple was then burned inside the brick kiln at which they worked.

The Cecil Chaudhry & Iris Foundation, which stands up for the marginalized in Pakistan, is looking after the couple’s children.

"We wanted to bring a change for the better in the lives of these children. Today it gives us great pleasure to see these children happy, safe and engaged in school activities,” said Michelle Chaudhry, president of the foundation.

Although the Masih’s children are doing well, Chaudhry firmly condemned the cruel death suffered by their parents.

"Shama and Shahzad are in our hearts; two innocent lives lost due to extreme bigotry in our society. The fanatics not only burned two precious lives in the furnace; they burned humanity, they burned the principles of Islam, and burned Jinnah's Pakistan and no monetary compensation can make up for such an extreme act of violence".

The foundation is seeking to bring the perpetrators of the murders to justice. 

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Publication date: November 6, 2015