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Pakistani Christians Pray for Americans Affected by Hurricane Sandy

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  • 2012 Oct 30
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Photo: Ashfaq Fateh's daughter, Rachel, holds up a special prayer message for those affected by the storm (ANS)

Pakistani Christians are praying for the safety of Americans affected by Hurricane Sandy, according to a message sent to the ASSIST News Service by Ashfaq Fateh, a Pakistani Christian leader who has been working to promote peace, human rights and Christian rights in his country, ASSIST reports. "We have come to know that Hurricane Sandy is about to affect 60 million Americans," Fateh said. "It has been learnt that a state of emergency has been imposed in the states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Florida and others. Sixty million is a very big population and we, the brothers and sisters in Pakistan, are worried for the situation in your country. We have been facing nonstop floods for the last three years and we can imagine how difficult it is to survive without shelter, food, medication and schooling for the young. So at this moment, we assure you that we shall be praying for your great people to be protected from the destruction of Hurricane Sandy." Fateh quoted Jesus as saying, "I am the vine and you are the branches," and added: "The branches from Pakistan will be continually praying for you. Please keep us informed about your safety." Fateh said he would welcome updates from people affected by the storm at so he could pray for them specifically.