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Pastor Attacked in Bangladesh by Muslims Who Claimed to be Interested in His Faith

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  • 2015 Oct 09

A Bangladeshi pastor has been attacked by Muslim extremists who claimed they wanted to hear about his faith.

The Christian Post reports that the Rev. Luke Sarker, 52, was attacked with a knife by Muslims who pretended they were interested in learning more about his Christian faith.

Sarker had met with two of his three attackers at his home a few weeks earlier where they had discussed religion. The attackers had arranged another meeting which is when they attacked him.

"The attackers came on a motorcycle and fled on the same motorcycle when the pastor, his wife and daughter cried, 'Save us, save us,' and neighbors rushed to the house," reported Mohammed Alomgir Kabir, a police superintendent in Pabna, Bangladesh.

The attackers fled after Sarker’s wife and neighbors rushed to the scene. Sarker suffered only minor injuries.

The attack on Sarker has not been the only attack on those of Christian faith in the Bangladesh area recently.

A 15-year-old Pakistani boy was set on fire by Muslim extremists when he answered their question if he was a Christian affirmatively.

Doctors thought the boy may have been able to survive his burns, but the local hospital did not have the needed burn treatment facilities. 

Publication date: October 9, 2015