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Planned Parenthood Tweets about Dating and it Really Backfires

  • Veronica Neffinger

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  • 2017 Aug 31

Planned Parenthood’s social media account manager recently tweeted out what was supposed to be a fun question to the organization’s followers, but America’s largest abortion provider received more than they bargained for, according to

Planned Parenthood tweeted:


The responses that came back were not what the organization was likely looking for.

Molly Hemingway, senior editor of the Federalist and a contributor to Fox News, filled in the blank with “kill babies.” Other Twitter users said “butcher innocent lives in the womb,” “sell the body parts and organs of the unborn,” “be stupid enough to think that abortion is healthcare,” “Violently end the lives of unborn babies and call it choice,” and “Be a cheerleader for infanticide.”

The responses which were really jabs against Planned Parenthood continued. Many people even posted memes to go along with their responses.








Photo courtesy: ©Thinkstock/Deigo_cervo

Publication date: August 31, 2017