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Poll Reveals Reasons Behind Mississippi Personhood Loss

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  • 2011 Nov 23

November 23, 2011

A post-election poll following the defeat of Mississippi's personhood amendment to determine what factors influenced voters shows that, surprisingly, only 8 percent of those who voted "no" did so because they were pro-choice, the Christian Newswire reports. Les Riley, founder of Personhood Mississippi and sponsor of the initiative, said the poll results revealed that "Planned Parenthood persisted in lying to Mississippi voters, propagating scare tactics. ... [They] pulled the wool over the eyes of Mississippians, and I believe voters will be shocked to learn the truth." Thirty-one percent voted "no" because they thought the measure would ban in vitro fertilization and 28 percent voted "no" because they believed it would deny treatment for ectopic pregnancy -- both direct lies from Planned Parenthood, Riley said -- and 12 percent voted "no" after Planned Parenthood ran TV ads and placed telephone calls misleading voters to believe governor Haley Barbour had voted against the amendment. Riley added, "Beyond the lies, it's terrible to know [Planned Parenthood] likely used my own tax dollars to lie to the people of my state."