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Rick and Kay Warren Renew Vows after 40 Years, Open Up about Past 'Marital Hell'

  • Carrie Dedrick
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  • 2015 Jun 15
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Saddleback Church founders Rick and Kay Warren renewed their wedding vows at the church’s marriage renewal service on Sunday (June 14). The couple will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary on June 21, according to Christian Today

In a reflective Facebook post, Kay Warren shared that her marriage to Rick started with many arguments and doubts. 

"We were barely 21, and although we thought we were incredibly mature, we quickly learned just how immature – and broken – we truly were,” she wrote. 

"...we felt intense pressure to have a great honeymoon and a great marriage. The honeymoon, which everyone says is "AMAZING!!!" was not. We hardly knew each other... so despite having read the latest and greatest Christian advice books on marriage, sex, communication, children and money, we quickly descended into marital hell, arguing hotly and unfairly about each one of those topics."

Warren said that Rick suffered from depression, and was hospitalized within three months of their marriage. She herself “nearly had a complete mental breakdown.” 

At the vow renewal service, Warren said she could see how she and her husband have grown over the past 40 years.

"Instead of trembling anxiously as we did 40 years ago, this time we confidently held hands and repeated vows of love, faithfulness, forgiveness, grace, acceptance and HOPE – confident because our marriage has weathered some of the worst moments any marriage can endure and left us deeply, deeply loving each other,” she wrote. 

Rick Warren said during the service, "The renewal of your vows is more significant than the first set, because now you know what you're getting into."

Publication date: June 15, 2015