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Satanists Kill Fellow Satanist while Attempting to Turn Him into a Vampire

  • Veronica Neffinger

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  • 2016 Mar 18

A group of Satanists recently killed one of their friends while allegedly trying to turn him into a vampire.

Charisma News reports that police in Mexico have arrested three Satanists who reportedly killed a fellow Satanist while trying to turn him into a vampire--a process that included beating, strangling, and cutting the victim.

The victim, Edwin Juarez Palma, died from his injuries and his “friends” wrapped his body in a plastic bag and left him.

"Police say Edwin, known as Piwa, was killed after being fooled into taking part in an initiation ceremony to become part of a satanic cult called the Sons of Baphomet 1," the Daily Mail reports. "Instead, he was tortured after having his hands tied behind his back after one of the alleged killers persuaded the others their victim should be sacrificed so he could return to life as a vampire."

Jennifer LeClaire of Charisma News warns of the growing numbers of Satanists and the dangers of this movement.

LeClaire cites shows like Fox’s Lucifer as evidence that Satanism is rising, adding that “the distribution of Satanic Temple materials in some schools and the Satanic black mass at an Oklahoma City civic center and the monument to Baphomet in Detroit are other examples.

LeClaire goes on to say that there are reportedly 200,000 registered witches in the world and up to eight million who have not officially revealed themselves.

“Dark forces are also invading Christianity,” says LeClaire. “Three out of every 10 teenagers have played the Ouija board, had their palms read, and eight out of 10 have read horoscopes, according to a Barna Study called "Teens and the Supernatural." The survey reports 29 percent of Christian teens did not see anything wrong with it. Eighteen percent said they read horoscopes, but do not think it really predicts the future. And another 8 percent said they read it, but feel guilty about it.”

What can we as Christians do about this rise in evil? 

“The Bible tells us the enemy is roaming around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour (1 Pet. 5:8),” says LeClaire. “The Bible tells us we're wrestling with principalities and powers and rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places (Eph. 6:12). Let's not close our eyes to these things. Rather, let's watch and pray.”

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Publication date: March 18, 2016