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South Carolina Megachurch Donates $50,000 to Pro-Life Pregnancy Resource Center

  • Kayla Koslosky

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  • 2019 Feb 14

A South Carolina megachurch pastor announced on Sunday that his 3,500-member congregation donated $50,000 to a local pro-life pregnancy resource center, Women’s Enrichment Center.

According to the Christian Post, Transformation Church Pastor and former NFL player Derwin Gray announced during Sunday’s service how deeply personal the large donation was. 

Gray told the congregation, “For those of you who don’t know, my mom was pregnant with me at 16 years old in 1971 at Thomas Jefferson High School. She was bussed to a school then in the suburbs. And the school nurse said, ‘You should go to California to abort your child.’”

Thankfully, Gray’s mother chose to keep the baby, and while Gray admitted that the two have always had a complicated relationship, having him was something they always agree about. 

According to the Christian Post, Executive Director for the Women’s Enrichment Center in Lancaster Julie Walters - who is a member of Transformation Church – joined Gray on stage during the announcement. 

Gray said as he called her up on stage, “Julie and her team are right on the front lines of helping women and young men just make decisions to bring forth life.”

“So we have partnered with her and her team for several years. Today, we the people at Transformation Church want to give you $50,000 to continue to do the great work that you are doing. We appreciate you,” he added as he gave Walters a hug.

According to the Christian Post, Walters says she was “blown away.”

The Executive Director said, “When I tell you we were blown away, we were so blessed. I feel so humbled to be able to receive these funds. It helps us substantially with what we do.” 

“Having this kind of funds given to us is a tremendous blessing,” she added.

According to the WEC website, the center offers women facing unplanned pregnancy counseling, pregnancy and parenting education, vitals clinics, ultrasounds and employment and skills training. The center encourages its patients to consider parenting and adoption instead of abortion, but also provides post-abortion peer-counseling for women who had already decided to have an abortion.

Photo courtesy: Getty Images/Drew Angerer/Staff

Video courtesy: Transformation Church