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Texas Megachurch Sets Record for Blood Donation; Over 4,600 Lives Will Be Saved

  • Amanda Casanova

    Amanda Casanova is a writer living in Dallas, Texas. She has covered news for since 2014. She has also contributed to The Houston Chronicle, U.S. News and World Report and…

  • 2018 Jul 12

Members at Texas megachurch Gateway Church gave a record-breaking donation of blood that will save more than 4,600 lives.

The blood donation drive comes after Pastor Robert Morris suffered severe internal bleeding and almost died.

“Someone giving blood is what saved my life,” Morris told the church, encouraging them to give blood.

Some 1,500 people at Gateway Church’s six campuses gave blood.

"This consistency and over six weeks' time is remarkable," said Linda Goelzer, director of public relations at Carter BloodCare, according to Fox 4 News.

"We have been able to help some other community blood centers when we're usually at the point of asking others."

Goelzer told The Christian Post that of all church blood drives where Carter BloodCare has taken part, Gateway Church has the record for the longest blood drive and largest response.

Gateway’s donation drive lasted six weeks at each of their campuses and another at their main office.

"They took it further and said they wanted to host a drive at each of their campuses and that they would do it on Saturday and Sunday because they have services both days,” Goelzer said.

Morris passed out in April while he was with his wife about 90 minutes away from Dallas-Fort Worth. He was flown to a hospital, where he said he had an “encounter with the Lord.”

"I didn't go to Heaven but the Lord's presence filled the helicopter and I felt like I was about to go to Heaven," Morris said.

"If this is it I'm ready to come but I'd like to stay for my family,” Morris said he told God. “And I just don't think you're finished with me yet on earth (in terms of ministry work).”

He says then God told him, "I'm not."


Photo courtesy: ©Thinkstock/Sasiistock

Publication date: July 12, 2018