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Texas School Shooting Suspect is Arrested; at Least One Injury Reported

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  • 2018 May 18

Update: The shooter has reportedly been "arrested and secured," according to Business Insider. The Sante Fe Sheriff has confirmed that there are multiple casualties. The exact number of deaths and injuries is still unclear.

An active shooter has been reported at a high school in Sante Fe, Texas, a city located between Houston and Galveston.

Information is still emerging, but a witness to the shooting at Sante Fe High School said a gunman walked into an art class at the school and opened fire. A girl was reportedly shot in the leg. It is unclear at this time if there are more injuries. Fox News reports that the shooting occurred at about 8 a.m. CDT.

The school district posted an update on their Facebook page:

“This morning an incident occurred at the high school involving an active shooter. The district has initiated a lockdown at the high school. We will send out additional information as soon as it is available.”

Students were taken outside and their backpacks were searched by law enforcement officials, according to CNN.

One student told CNN, "We were all standing (outside), but not even five minutes later, we started hearing gunshots. I didn't see anybody shooting, but like (the gunshots) were kind of spaced.”

The high school has about 1,400 students.


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Publication date: May 18, 2018