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Thousands Flee as Wildfires Menace So. California

A state of emergency has been declared for San Diego as a massive wildfires continue to tear through southern California. CBN reports that at least 30 homes have been destroyed or damaged so far, and many college campuses have shut their doors and 10,000 students have been evacuated. Marissa Gustafson of Carlsbad described the ‘firenadoes’ caused by high temperatures and gusts of wind: “"The wind can change and all the sudden it seems like we're safe and we're not…We just packed up everything and we're out of there."

According to Reuters, 700 acres in San Marco have been burned; one emergency website said Thursday: "(The) fire is still very active and continues to move to the south." Some Carlsbad officials reported that the fire is currently about 50% contained, and many schools and community centers have been set up as emergency centers.