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Twitter Freaks Out after Sen. Marco Rubio Tweets Bible Verses

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  • 2017 May 17

Recently, Florida Senator Marco Rubio tweeted out two Bible verses to which several people had very strong responses.

The Sen. tweeted these two verses:



Although Christians may think there is nothing out of the ordinary in tweeting Bible verses, especially for someone who claims Christian faith such as Rubio, others responded quite differently, according to


One called it “unsettling.”



Another suggested Rubio's account had been hacked.



Still others seemed concerned that something was wrong with Rubio’s mental state:




Townhall notes that if one were to search “today’s readings” on May 16 (when Rubio tweeted the Bible verses), he or she would find that the Catholic Church readings at Mass that day included the verses tweeted by Rubio.

The surprise with which so many responded to the tweets seems to show the lack of understanding many unbelievers have of Christian culture.


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Publication date: May 17, 2017