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UNC-Wilmington Compiles List of 'Gay Friendly' Churches

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  • 2011 Aug 18


FOX reports that a state university in North Carolina has put out a list of approved "gay friendly" churches for faculty and students. The list has raised several concerns, including one professor suggesting that it inadvertently involves taxpayers in "telling people where to go to church." The University of North Carolina's Wilmington campus began circulating the list last month as part of a broader guide to gay-friendly businesses and other services in the area. Mike Adams, a criminology professor on campus who went from atheist to Christianity, said the university should not be in the business of recommending churches. "It's just amazing. It appears to me to be the height of not just silliness, but government waste." This list named five Wilmington-area churches as "gay-friendly religious organizations," including a Presbyterian church, a Lutheran church and a Unitarian Universalist congregation.