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Update: Christian Pastor in Iran Freed from Prison

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  • 2011 Aug 29

ASSIST News Service has learned that Pastor Matthias Haghnejad was released from prison on bail on Saturday August 27. Jason Demars of Present Truth Ministries ( ) told ANS: “A family member pledged their property so that he could get out of prison. Thank you for praying for him and for all who helped make this known throughout the world. God worked through your prayers and made a way for his release.” Haghnejad had been charged with blasphemy against Islam. “This is a serious charge against him so I ask that you continue to pray for him and his family. God made a way for his acquittal previously and I believe he will do so again,” DeMars said. DeMars said Haghnejad was being held in prison, presumably, in the Rasht area by VEVAK, the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and National Security. He was arrested during a pastoral visit with a family in the Rasht area.