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Vice President Mike Pence Announces the Launch of the Space Force, Thanks God for His Help

  • Kayla Koslosky

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  • Updated Dec 19, 2018

Vice President Mike Pence thanked God for all of his help, Tuesday when he announced that the United States military would be going to space.

According to CBN News, at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, Pence announced the start of the military Space Force, Tuesday.  

Pence told the audience, "A new era of American national security in space begins today." 

He continued noting that the program can only be successful because of the service and dedication of the men and women in the military. He said, “With your unwavering commitment, with the courage of our men and women in uniform, with the continued support of the American people, with the vision and leadership of our commander-in-chief, and with God's help, I know we will give America the defense she needs here on Earth and in the outer reaches of space," he continued.

In the announcement, which comes almost a half a century after the Apollo 8 mission, Pence reminded the American people that though NASA will not be involved in the program, the program will not be built from scratch.

He said, "Now, to be clear, the Space Force will not be built from scratch because the men and the women who run and protect our nation's space programs today are already the best in the world.  And since the dawn of the Space Age, America has remained the best in space."

Pence continued noting that through the Space Force, the Trump Administration hopes to be able to assure a safe and “peaceful future here on Earth and in space.”

He added, "And as we embark, we do so with faith.  Faith in all of you who have answered the call to serve in the uniform of the United States of America at such a time as this in the life of our nation.  Faith to all the incredible civilian personnel who serve here in the Department of Defense with equal devotion to our nation," Pence said. 

"And we do so with that other kind of faith as well,” he added.

“And just as generations of Americans have carried those who have taken to the skies in the defense of freedom borne upon their prayers, I want to assure all of you, who will be called to this enterprise, that you can be confident.  You can be confident that you will go with the prayers of millions of Americans who will claim on your behalf, as generations have claimed before, those ancient words, that if you ‘rise on the wings of the dawn, if you settle on the far side of the sea,’ even if you go up to the heavens, ‘even there His hand will guide you, His right hand will hold you fast.’  And He will hold fast this great nation in the great beyond," he concluded. 

Photo courtesy: Getty Images/Ethan Miller/Staff

Video courtesy: The White House