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Actor Andrew Garfield Discovers Deep Love of Jesus through New Film 'Silence'

Actor Andrew Garfield Discovers Deep Love of Jesus through New Film 'Silence'

The actor Andrew Garfield recently appeared as a guest on Stephen Colbert’s "The Late Show” where he discussed his new movie “Silence” and how it sent him on his own faith journey.

The film is about two Jesuit priests, played by Garfield and fellow actor Adam Driver, who go to Japan in an era when Japan was completely closed off and hostile to Christianity to find a priest who has gone missing.

In preparation for his role in the film, Garfield studied under a Jesuit priest and was involved in meditation and Scripture reading, which was a new experience for him and made him rethink his personal religious beliefs.

“It’s a very weird thing where you create this very deep relationship with Jesus Christ. And I didn’t know much about Jesus. I hadn’t really studied the Bible,” Garfield tells Colbert, according to

Garfield also recently told American Magazine that he truly came to appreciate Jesus.

“What was really easy was falling in love with this person, was falling in love with Jesus Christ. That was the most surprising thing … That was the most remarkable thing—falling in love, and how easy it was to fall in love with Jesus.”

He added that he still has doubts about his faith, but that faith, at its heart, is ultimately strengthened by doubt.

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Publication date: January 17, 2017