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A Word with You - August 16, 2019

  • 2019 Aug 16


When No One's Pushing

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I was at a Christian conference center where the children's program included gymnastics instruction. No, no, I did not get involved personally; my leotard doesn't fit any more. But there were some kids who were getting the hang of the forward rolls and the backward rolls. And there were some kids there who weren't getting the hang of it as well. They paraded them all out one night for a little show. And one girl raised her hands as she was supposed to, very gracefully, got into position to do a forward roll, and stayed there. She couldn't quite get the roll rolling, until the instructor got behind her and pushed her forward again, and then again.

Now, it wasn't the little girl's muscles that were moving her, it was someone else's. But at the end she took a bow just as if she had mastered these gymnastics routines. See, she has the illusion she can do it, but she's really paralyzed on her own, like a lot of God's students I know; like this one right here.

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