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A Word with You - June 10, 2011

  • 2011 Jun 10


Come When Your Name is Called

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My son's dream was finally coming true. He was going to play football as a freshman in high school. Now, they have a lot of scrimmages to get ready for the season, and the coach, of course, uses those scrimmages to try different players at different positions. And every guy is sitting on the bench all dressed, all bruised from those practices, hoping he'll have his chance to get into the scrimmage.

Now that's what was so curious about Scott's response - one of the players. When the coach called his name, he didn't come. The coach called his name again. Scott didn't come. When I heard the story, I thought, "Well, was he preoccupied? Was he in disbelief?" What was he thinking, "I can't believe he's calling my name?" Finally the coach issued one last, exasperated call, "Scott, what do you want me to do...send you a telegram?" Well, finally Scott went into the scrimmage, but he almost missed the coach's call. I hope you don't.

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