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A Word with You - October 23, 2019

  • 2019 Oct 23


Becoming Eyes

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I remember the time my daughter volunteered to clean house, and it was a mess! Now, it wasn't our house, it wasn't her house, it was the house that her college boyfriend and some other guys wanted to move in to. Now when I use the word mess, that's charitable. This is no exaggeration! There were four college guys who lived there before, and frankly they did a lot of partying and they did very little cleaning.

Well, after two years of those guys living there, there were layers of dirt, trash everywhere, and holes in the walls. It was filthy! Well, I saw her at the end of a very hard-working day. She was beat, she was sweaty, but she was satisfied. I asked her, "What kept you going all those hours?" She said, "Well, Dad, it was really depressing to look at, but I kept seeing what it could be."

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