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Abiding Above Tension [Part 2] - Abiding Above - August 17

  • 2020 Aug 17

Abiding Above Tension [Part 2]

August 17

We are living in a nation that is dominated by how a person looks. We are not to live for these bodies because these bodies are just tents. They are passing away. We are to live for God, this great God who put us here for a purpose. He has given us His Word, the only Book on the face of this earth that we know was written by God and there are no errors in it. But, the sad thing is this…we have so much information coming at us these days, so many things to read, so many things to see on the Internet, so many things on television, that we are just inundated with information and visuals that tell us a whole other story.

My friend, we have to come to a point in our lives where we say, “What is really going on here? What am I really seeing? What am I really hearing? Can I really believe what I am seeing and hearing from a godless generation?” We have to make a choice no matter if our family leaves us or if our friends leave us, or no matter if we are ostracized. You see our short brief time on earth is nothing compared to an eternity with God in heaven. We have to make a decision that we are going to live according to the Word of God, empowered by His Holy Spirit until He calls us home, and He knows exactly what day and the moment that our soul and our spirit will leave this body.

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